The Sarasota Coastal Rowing Association will organize and hold Coastal Rowing Races in the waters off South Lido Beach, in Sarasota Florida. The event will consist of a series of heat races and final races held over the days of November 20th through 24th, 2019. The event will be open to the public and will provide information and access to Coastal Rowing boats, equipment and racers to help promote the sport. To accomplish these races the SCRA will assemble a group of Coastal Rowing Boats and equipment which will be kept in Sarasota. The boats and equipment will be used through out the year to teach rowers of all skill levels the sport of Coastal Rowing. This will provide local education, training, instruction and participation in amateur rowing. The sport of Rowing develops a healthy mind, body and character which is beneficial to all levels of athlete. Classes and events put on by SCRA will teach sportsmanship, teamwork and the standards expected of participants in national and international amateur sports. In addition, advancing the sport and art of rowing will educate the public about the benefits of lifetime participation in rowing.

While racing is important, it is just one aspect of the plans for Sarasota. Coastal Rowing Boats offer a much more stable platform for rowing than traditional Rowing Shells. This makes these boats ideal for use in programs for Para-Rowing or Adaptive Rowing which brings the benefits and sport of rowing to many who face physical challenges or disabilities. Similarly these boats can be adapted and used for many types of recovery programs for Veterans and cancer survivors to name a few. The stability also makes them ideal for use in learn to row programs where people who may not be entirely comfortable with the water feel safe enough to give the sport a try. As Sarasota moves forward in becoming a leading center for Coastal Rowing a major commitment will be to develop real programs that specifically address each of these areas here in Sarasota and surrounding communities.

Executive Board:
President -Jim Henderson
Treasure - Shelley Henderson
Secretary - Abby Zweifel
Director - John Wik
Director - Betsy Mitchell

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